I am Aakanksha, I welcome you to my website. I am a facilitator and flow host offering Family Constellations, Flowgame, Deep listening for Women, and Women Circles. My work spreads across individuals, groups, families, teams, women and is rooted in deep presence, working with emergence and the body.

I am a practitioner of Iyengar yoga, a vegan, practices sustainable living and sees magic in the ordinariness of life. Previously, I worked as a Technical Writer and System Engineer for Open Source Software, and social worker in non-formal education, women’s health, animal rights, farmer issues in the country. Read More

Presencing Sessions

Happily receiving love and support and admiration from all quarters. Feels so much more empowering. Also practicing being vulnerable and sharing deeper feelings and being heard/accepted. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much for all your encouragement.

Pallavi, Pune


What did you enjoy/like about this game?
I enjoyed the questions it asked, each question even when another person rolled the dice was pertinent and resonated with everyone especially me. It made me think and go deeper. I also loved the wise ways its formed, each direction representing something very specific, which in turn relates to questions, activities that further go deeper towards those aspects. It made me feel connected/observant to nature and what it stands for.

How did the process support you & help you to gain insights/reflections/clarity on your personal inquiry?
It helped me verbalize what was going on inside and put it out in the open. A transformation of energy from thinking in the head to being more accurate and articulate about thoughts. It did help me gain insights.. to value myself, Shared the reflections at the end of the game, have forgotten now.  dint type them..

How was your experience of having me as a host?
It was interesting, you explained the game very well and conducted the rounds with ease which was really nice. Liked the way you spoke about your own journey, very articulate.

If you could ask me to stop doing and/or start doing 3 things in my hosting practice, what would those be? 
Maybe start having longer sessions, I felt the time ended or went by soon and I wanted the game to go on… You have a beautiful Smile, Smile more often during Introduction. The energy in the beginning felt we all woke up from our afternoon siesta, the energy levels picked up when everyone opened up for the three wishes round, which was really nice.. maybe it would be different if the session began at a different time.. Maybe one can experiment with different timings.. like how you mentioned a whole day session.

Sunayana, Noida