Grief Calls

Support for people going through Loss, Death, & Grieving 
Saturdays & Sundays

I am offering Online and Telephonic Support for people who are experiencing loss, death of near and dear ones, pets, grieving for the old world.

Our World is going through massive changes, a change that has brought us to the doorstep of Death. Our modern and current cultures have mostly lost the kinship with Death and Loss. In this times of personal, community, collective loss my heart calls me to offer support to grieving folks.

These calls are for you if,

  • You are a caretaker for old, sick people who are facing Death
  • A close person, pet has died recently
  • You experience bouts of sadness, and massive feelings of loss over your lost work, lost relationship, or losing something dear and precious to you.

How to call,

  • Send me a whatsapp message on +91-9900093692 with your name.
  • We can mutually agree on a nearby time, or else depending on the need, might do a call immediately as a Relief Call.
  • It is telephonic support over the phone, and if need be we can mutually agree on a online video call at a suitable time.

I am sharing the gift of an open-hearted, respectful, compassionate listening for people in emotional distress or grieving loss.

Disclaimer: This is not a therapeutic call and neither a substitute for therapy.

Respecting Limits: I have my limits of time, energy, and space. So I will be able to offer 30-60 mins of support at a time. Please be respectful of my limits.

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