The Third Wave – Collective Presencing

The world has I have experienced, has been developing into 2 segments.

1. The Individualized self as the central beneficiary or benefactor in the world. From the spiritual path or the therapeutical self-actualization to the self fulfilling prophecy of the capitalized-consumarized-militarized structural complex.

2. The paradigm of the group existence more so visible in the ancient or eastern socially organized groups as families, small communities, or movements where the individual is also more of less compromised for the greater good concept of serving some destined purpose.

Being at a constant loss and even disinterest to find a footing in any of these 2 waves, I was forever questing for freedom as a young adult and grieving profusely for “no foreseeable reason” during the later phases of my adult life. This unknowingness carried me to the only shore “Meeting myself As I am” and uncovering this Self from one moment to another. Here, freedom was determined in my ability to be deeply and unabashedly connected to the Life-Force cruising through my body in and out calling into a larger field of Intimacy.

To make sense of my lived experiences, I went out in the world and open to the new frontiers that needed to be discovered, met and inhabited. This was the beginning of meeting the Third Wave, which I have come to identify as an embodiment of Us (uniquely & collectively) from Collective Presencing.

Riding the Third Wave of Collective Presencing is being in still motion with all of your self, having digested, assimilated, purged the various identities that limit the expression of your simple Beingness, i.e You, as a pure Life Force. This wave is surfed in togetherness with other humans in their distinctiveness. Here the WE is an embodiment of what is emerging in the collective field, uniquely articulately, expressed, and in-the-body of each unique individual. This ongoing embodiment field begins to shift us as a whole.

This third wave is a call for deeper participation and co-creation through a generative ability that lies in all of us to sense and tune-in to the aliveness of the present. Riding this wave is a joy when we can depart from the long held beliefs, ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, every feeling that blocks the flow of Love. At times, it is more threatening to be so bare and transparent in the personal field but when done together is it ordinarily the most beautiful experience of being in Union. Living life from a place of Union(You in One) transform our relationship with whatever we come in contact with.

Collective Presencing is for everybody, it is deceptively simple, it has the quality of water, a universal drink that brings us in direct connection to the source of life. It serves as an ignition to fuel the inner and collective potential into the field of awareness, allowing us to be beings of Openness into the Welcoming of the New World.

Here, we are departing from the role of expert to the embodiment of a generalist, a commoner. You are enough as You are, Exactly as You Are, Whoever you are, Wherever you are. It is basic, bare bone, devoid of any preexisting jargon, it is neither an offshoot of any New C(Age) philosophies or movements neither it claims to be anything more than a “new emerging collective human capacity”. When you enter this field of practice, you may actually have moments of “Oh! I do this” “it is like intuition, but articulated” “it is my sixth sense but way more real”. I would say drop these predetermined concepts and let the experience re-create a new language that is directly connected to the Source of Beingness.

Various Entry points to Experience Collective Presencing.

Important: If you are moved, touched by your experience of Collective Presencing and you sense a good itch of inspiration in your body for some co-creation in this part of the World, I am up for a conversation in the middle of the night :).

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