Aakanksha considers her soul work is to bring the magic & beauty of the ordinary into our daily lives. Her journey is of en-hearting the fragments of love that bind us and to weave new stories of interbeing in our sacred world by building an inner capacity of sensing and tuning with self and around. She envision humanity evolving towards subtle, relational & embodied intelligence as we shift into the New Era.

Her life and her work are interwoven and deeply connected with her core self. Her approach to life is in living in myriad radically interconnected ways through creativity, insight, wisdom and love in togetherness. She works both individually and with groups:

  • Personally with People in a Therapeutic Relational Way towards developing a healthy self concept with responsibility, authenticity through relating in a client-therapist relation.
  • Personally with Individuals & couples using the Systemic Lens in form of Family Constellations Therapy.
  • Collectively to develop and practice a new Human Intelligence of Bodily Subtle Sensing for Collective Evolution through her experiences and experiments with Systemic Constellations.

She feels she is the daughter of the Earth and finds her connections with earthlings. She enjoys solitude, in deep communion with body and the Earth.Her heart calls to live a life of embracing the mysteries and the Divine Spirit working through her. So far she shares her journeys with her aching wild heart and the callings of the Divine Spirit through her work as a Relational Therapist, Family Constellations Facilitator, and a Host of Uncovering Wisdom & Forming New Forms of Collective Intelligence in groups

She loves reading, communing with body, with nature and its forms, writing, integrating her life experiences and learning and birthing herself through these fires of internal transformation and wisdom. She is blessed by the companionship of many soul friends in her life that support, co-create and enjoy each other’s beingness and vision.

In her intimate moments she can be found on the floor dipping herself in slow enriching movements with her body on her yoga mat, sensing and feeling the layers beneath her skin in forever changing ways through the Iyengar style of Yoga (The First Love of her Life)

The video below shares her personal story, her life experiences and how they shaped her and her work in the world.


I call to the seeker, the co-creator, the fertile visionary in You to claim your freedom, choose what brings you Alive, make Love as an Artist of Life and let’s learn to live, co-evolve together generously in love.

  • Birthed(Created) by: Me
  • Midwives(Facilitators): Julia & David
  • Birthing Place(Project): My Story Studio

PS: Listen with your Headphones, watch in full screen. Give me 5 minutes of your complete presence. My heart will be very grateful.

Glimpses of herself

She was born in a Jat family and grew up in the desert lands of Gujarat among many faiths. Her disturbed heart took her to work with children, families in the slums of NCR. Born with a deep sense of justice she embraced choices of living her life with awareness and harmony towards all living being.

Her own process of awakening and questioning took her towards healing, and learning Family/Systemic Constellations founded by Bert Hellinger. She has learned from her teachers in Bangalore, Annie Cariapa, Spanda and Colette Green, Ochre. Systemic thinking has a powerful influence on her and forms of the most important offering of her work. It is also a lens through which she approaches her life and work. She offers personal sessions and workshops in Family/Systemic Constellations.

Her work is deeply shaped by her life experiences, developing her capacities for relating authentically with self, others and the larger world. It inspires her to continue working in a relational therapeutic environment with her clients. She believes she learns more through her clients than any other way.

Her seeking for practices towards creating world shifts collectively took her towards practicing Collective Presencing, Collective Alchemy and Collective Transitions practices that shape and inform her Collective Systemic work with Change Makers and Social, Systemic change organisations.

Her curiosity and personal need for seeking answers also got her towards experiencing the flowgame – a creative process in form of a game to bring clarity to our individual and collective questions. She offers this process for individuals, families, groups, organizations.

As a woman, she stepped into a new rhythm in her life by embodying the innate wisdom of her menstruation cycle and the life cycle of a woman’s life. She walks with her hips open, her breasts breathing the fullness of life and her inner strength of being a woman through her journey with Shesandstall project. She envisions for all her sisters to step in and embrace their own inner wisdom and live in this world with grit and grace.

She continues her learning and development through ongoing trainings, practice groups,  apprenticeship and supervisions from her mentors in various fields and peer-learning groups.


  • Relational Gestalt Psychotherapist-In Training- 2020-till date
  • Pursuing Diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA)- 2020 -till date
  • Upcoming Masters in Psychology (MA)- 2020-upto 2 years
  • Facilitating Family System Constellations – Workshops & 1:1 Session 2018- till date
  • Facilitator in Systemic Constellations with Chandrakala Collective – 2020-till date
  • Flow Host in Flowgames for individuals, groups, families – 2018-till date
  • Practitioner of Collective Presencing, Collective Alchemy, Collective Transitions- 2020-till date
  • Feminine Embodiment Coach – 2019 -2020
  • Documenting Open Source Software & Team Lead for Red Hat – 2012-2018
  • Shakti Women Circle Facilitator -2017 -2018
  • Iyengar Yoga student and practitioner – 2012- till date
  • Technical Writer with Technowrites -2011-2012
  • Bare foot Social worker in the area of non-formal education, women’s health, sexuality, developmental and farmers issues – 2009-2011
  • System Engineer at STMicroelectronics & STEricsson -2007 -2011
  • Nature walker, Animal lover, Hyper-sensitive & Kinesthetic, Emotional, Feeling and Sensing types, Conversational Lover, Poetry Writer, Intimacy Ninja, Minimalist Cook, Visionary, Manifestor, Humanist – Birth – till date


All my work is rooted in the following foundational wisdom.

  • We are all interconnected  through the knowing field – Morphogenetic field.
  • We experience through our bodies – Phenomenology.
  • Our Bodies are like Earth – Cycles & Rhythms of Nature.
  • Resting in the knowing of the heart of a circle and deeply embodied presence


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Ethics and Guidelines

  • I speak from my heart. I say what is true to me and take responsibility for myself.
  • I practice my art and craft with honesty and integrity.
  • I admit what I don’t know with humility and dignity.
  • I offer to work with you rooted in the knowing that you know what is right and best for you and I am just the guide that helps you to get in touch with your essence, your strength, your fire, your water taking full responsibility of your own journey.
  • I work with kindness, compassion, empathic attunment and in ways that serve both you and me.
  • I hold mine and you broken heart in deep love and honor of your life as I am guided by the Divine spirit to show up and do this work as it emerges in deep presence and embodiment. I am do not claim to me anything more than human.


  • Psychotherapist in Training in Relational Gestalt Therapy in a Humanistic Existential Psychology Paradigm.
  • Certified Facilitator in the Theory and Practice of Family/Systemic Constellations by Spanda and Ochre.
  • Certified Flow Host of the flowgame
  • Certified Shakti Women Circle Facilitator by shestandstall
  • Certified Access Bars Facilitator
  • Apprentice to Journey2Selfhood in Parenting.
  • Practitioner of Collective Presencing & Collective Alchemy


Email: msaakankshas at gmail dot com

Call: +91-9900093692

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