Teams, Groups, Families & Organizations

These are customized flowgame designed specifically for your needs as a group, team, family, or your organization.

When can a flowgame help?

The flowgame is helpful when you want to explore and bring clarity, for example in your vision or mission for your team or organization.

Scenario: There is some stuckness or repeated situations in the team, family and you have tired to the best of your ability to resolve the issue.

Scenario: You are doing really well as a team, organization, group, family and now want to take a new leap of faith, for example achieve new targets in sales, come up with a brand new strategy to accelerate your growth, bring more awareness and consideration to your leadership, for a family it could be to walk on the journey of maybe homeschooling, or starting a new business together, so really walking new paths and creating more possibilities.

Flowgame is best suited for such explorations to bring more clarity, focus, many newer ways of thinking and perspectives individually and collectively in a fun and light way.

Note: It is not designed for a decision making process and hence is not oriented towards problem solving and making decisions.

What can a flowgame bring to you?

  • It helps to bring awareness; light into the areas or aspects that you might be blind too, or haven’t yet seen.
  • It contributes towards courage and consideration to walk new paths and can bring what is really needed here for this new possibility to manifest here and now.

For example, you might be facing some challenges in your team/family/organization, and have tried all your tools to overcome it. In such scenario the flowgame is very relevant as it brings to awareness that which is missing, or hidden and not seen. We often see that once the hidden dynamic is brought to the surface, there are new possibilities and teams can now move with a new awareness and focus.

Another example, you might be contemplating towards taking on a big new assignment for your team, or a new target, or want to expand your organizational product portfolio, the flowgame can bring in again what is of most importance here for this team, to achieve what they want too and how can they do it.  If you are going through a merger or acquisition and want to explore the situation and bring in ease and flow to the process, the flowgame is again helpful.

It is really upto what is it that is important right now for you, your family, group, team, organization and what can you individually and all the members involved collectively do about it.

To discuss and find out if the flowgame is the right fit for your challenges and situations, reach out to me or call me +91-99000-93692

Duration & Pricing

The duration of the game is dependent on the scenario and what the game is asked to address. We can play a 4 hour game with maximum 4-6 participants. We can play a longer game of 1 or 2 days. We can also play a 4 hour games or 1 day games at intervals of 15 days each spread over 1 month or 2 months. These are some of the possibilities. We can use these options as pointers and design our own duration based on the need.

The price for the game is 2500/-rs per participant for a 4 hour game. Each game consist of 4-6 participants. The pricing for a residential, or a full day game varies as the logistics come into the picture. The above is the base price.

Are you ready to receive Clarity, Flow, Grounding !