Family Constellation Therapy

A powerful therapeutic approach to resolve issues in a relational & systemic perspective including the individual, their relationships and the system dynamics.

Areas of Application

Family : Problems with children, abortions, adoption, conception, sibling rivalry, divorce, parents-in-law are addressed relationaly.

Couples: Even when there is love, often the couple struggles. These issues originate in their family of origin and need a whole system view.

Health & Diseases: Love & Disorder are passed on through the bodies of family members over generations. They play a crucial part in creating diseases, physical, emotional and mental well-being of members.

Success in Life & Work: Early life events, situations that limit us create a profound impact in being successful in our later life, relationships, and profession.

Money & Abundance: De-tangle patterns that lead to lack of money and prosperity & transform them to receiving the joy of wealth.

Conflict Resolution: Reveal the underlying hidden agendas & move towards learning, growth & harmony

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