Family Constellations

An Inter-generational Healing Approach

Personal Sessions & Group Workshops

Family constellations is a systemic approach to bring balance and restore harmony in one’s life. In this work the individual is seen as part of their inter-generational family system and what role do they play in order to belong to this family/system.

The work brings to light the unseen, unacknowledged inheritances from our ancestors and our lineage and guides us towards inclusion, balance, and order in our family system. By doing so, we can take our rightful place in our family and live life by being in agreement with Life.

The work is founded by Bert Hellinger, from Germany and is now applied in the field of education, family, organizations, and has been integrated into many modalities of healing and therapy.

Family Constellations personal sessions are designed to allow healing through Inclusion, Balance, Harmony and bring Peace by Honoring Life & Death Movement in the Person’s Life, Primary (Mother-Child Relationship) & Ancestry.

 tuxpi.com_.1557557694.jpgIssues that are resolved by Family Constellations

This work is particularly useful if you are experiencing stuckness in life, repetitive patterns, difficulty in relationships, health issues, mental health problems, depression, anxiety, panic, financial problems, addictions, conflict, unhealthy patterns, inter-generational trauma, couple problems, parent- children relationship issues.

  • Old patterns & hidden entanglements
  • Resolutions for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Developmental & Intergenerational & Complex Trauma
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Couple Relationship Issues
  • Financial Problems
  • Stuckness even after long term Therapy or Spiritual Healing Work

NOTE: For a couple session both the spouses/partners need to be present.

Possibilities of Change

At times the changes is experienced and felt in a short duration, maybe few days, weeks. Sometimes the change may not be so apparent and not in your awareness and you might notice it maybe years later. So there is no fixed formula. What you experience might be very different from your own expectations.

So the key here is to trust the process and let it unfold. Do not try to make meaning, understand or box it into your thinking. Just let it go and do its work on you. Stay open and allow it to unfold and keep growing in your awareness. The more you allow yourself to stay present and open the richer is the experience of this work .

About the Sessions

  • A total of 5 Sessions are required to experience new openings and experience change.
  • The 5 sessions are spread across 2 Months (3 sessions in First Month + 2 sessions in Second Month)
  • Each session is 1.5 hours
  • Each session costs 3000/- INR per person/couple & 4000/- INR for international payments.

Book the Sessions

Preparation for the Session

The session is held in-person/online, and last for 1.5 hours

  • You need to make a prior appointment on call +91-9900093692
  • You need to come 10 mins early, to relax and settle down.
  • Ensure that you do not have any urgent matters to attend to.
  • Choose a relaxed day for your session

Post Session Care

  • You are more vulnerable than you usually are, even though you may not realize.
  • Keep yourself hydrated well
  • Have a relaxed day, rest, and take sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol or any kind of major activity.
  • If you feel unsettled, I recommend you eat well and take a salt water bath

The elements of the Family Constellation

  • You. You need to have a longing, a deep wish, a heartfelt intention for something that you really want in your life right now. We work with that underlying wish,longing, intention.
  • The representatives, which is either people when it is workshop, or figures, props, and felts in an individual 1:1 session.
  • The circle, holding circle.
  • The energetic field, or the knowing, or informing field.
  • The facilitator who guides and is guided by all the elements of the work.

Fundamentals of Family Constellations

  • Epigenetics – The imprints on our DNA that are part of our hidden inheritance.
  • Morphogenetic field – Rupert Sheldrake : The field that connects us all through all time and space.
  • Phenomenology – The skill of staying in the body and just feeling through our bodies, experiencing the feelings, and sensations.
  • Laws of Love – Belonging, Balance, and Order.
  • Three levels of Conscience – Personal, Group, and Spiritual

If you would like to have a conversation before hand, write to me at msaakankshas at gmail dot com