Family Systems: Level 1 Course

About the Course

Self Paced Course to Understand & Apply the Concepts of Family Systems in your Life, Relationships & Work.

Audio Visual Course Material with a balance of Theory, Concept, Exercises, & Practices.

Total course Content 5-6 hours including exercises.

Course Details

  • Understand Ancestors and Family as a System
  • Self as Interconnected Part of the System – Epigenetics & The Whole is greater than the Sum of its Parts!
  • Orders of Love (Belonging, Balance, Order)
  • Conscience of Love & Three Levels of Conscience
  • Success as seen in System Constellation Work
  • Overview of Morphogenetic Field & Phenemenology Concept
  • Exercises, Visualizations & Meditations to experience each concept


  • Develop a new perspective to look at problems and possibilities
  • Start seeing and understanding family, relationships and success in a bright new way
  • Apply these understanding to your Life, Work, & any system you are part of and move from Blame, Shame, Victim thinking towards Inclusion, Wholeness, Responsibility & Restoring Harmony

Enrollment Details

Coming Soon! Course Launches in September 2020!