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A creative process to bring clarity

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes

– Albert Einstein

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Flowgame is a creative tool designed as a board game to create space for individual and collective consciousness and for intelligence to emerge through reflection, dialogue and interactive learning.

The purpose and the intent of the flow game is to strengthen and bring flow to the life-affirming leadership and actions of the participant.

The Power of Questions

The flowgame is designed with questions and played with question/s. A powerful question has the ability to transform our thinking, bring new perspectives, propel us towards understanding ourselves a bit more individually and as team/group.

Read more: What’s in a Question – on my Medium blog.

Directional Elements of the Flowgame


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The game consists of six direction and the Center

  • East – Represents Vision, Sensing the future before it arrives, the bigger picture
  • West – Represents Action, Focus and Direction, Manifesting in the here and now
  • North – Leadership, Courage to walk new paths, inviting others
  • South – Community, Relations, Involving others
  • Heaven – The divine touch, Wider perspective, wisdom of the grandfathers
  • Earth – Grounding, Nurturing, Jester of life, wisdom of the grandmothers
  • Centre – You/Us, your/our question, your/our intention


  • Structure: The game is played with the flow host and players seated in a circle.
  • Agreements:  The process takes place as we let the circle practices guide us.
  • Question/s : At the center of the circle is the question that the player brings to the game.
  • Elements : The process is in the form of a game, with a board and 6 direction, East, West, North, South, Sky and Earth.
    • Each direction has a certain meaning and represents some elements or nature. For example, East represents Vision and sensing in to the future. Direction East asks you to look at your question from this perspective. Direction East calls one to reflect on the bigger picture and stay focused on the vision.
    • Each direction has 61 cards, comprising of questions , picture cards and quotes which represents the energy of the direction and deepens the reflective process.
  • Wisdom Council: Flowgame invites the player to reflect on their question with respect to the direction in the circle. The different directions bring in different perspective.
  • Harvest: As part of the process, the players share their reflection on each other’s questions.
  • Meta-Harvest: Towards the end we harvest the wisdom individually and collectively of what showed up in the process.

It is an experiential process and each one interprets has their own way, I invite you to play the game and experience it for yourself.

Who can play?

The game invites anyone with a question or longing. One could be an Individual, student, educator, professional, parent, families, friends, partners, couples, groups and teams.

Book your Slot for the Upcoming Flowgame

What do you need to play the flowgame?

A personal question that is important to you, if you don’t have a question, don’t worry, your flowhost will guide you to craft your intention into a question.

Few examples of questions:

  1. How can I make further progress in my work/career/ professional life?
  2. What does a good relationship look like for me?
  3. How can i bring more peace and reflection in my relationship with my children?
  4. What do we need to do as a team to build an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration?
  5. How can I contribute towards my community/association and be aligned with my values and ethics?

Many many more….

Play the Flowgame

I offer flowgame in multiple formats.

  1. Community Flowgame : This is hosted in the spirit of gift, they are open games – anybody can walk-in and be part of the game. To participate in a community flowgame, Click to Book your Slot
  2. Themed Flowgame : Hosted for couples, families, group, organizational teams, board members, governing councils.  The game can be played in two ways:
    1. For couples, families, groups
    2. For Organizations & Communities

Contact Me to Organize a themed flowgame for your family, relationship, team or organization.

Phone-IconFind out how a flowgame can work for you? Call me: +91-99000-93692



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