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India & France

Being gentle with myself instead of forcing some “good” practices and discipline. This is a big reminder for myself, as I am used to expect discipline and quick improvement and actions.

There is no one true path to follow to “reach your Truth” or become a full bloomed and amazing grown-up.

Wherever I am at, whatever I can do now is enough (e.g. if this means I don’t feel like exercising, journaling, practising art, meditating, reading, I will not blame myself anymore!



All the issues were feeling very heavy earlier and I was constantly wondering there has to be more to the story.

The session laid bare everything and I can see the larger picture behind the family dynamics. And somewhere inside, that has left me feeling peaceful and less resentful. It’s not completely gone, but I think I am finding it easier to manage.

I also want to share that you held the space so beautifully and conducted the session in such a wise, mature way. Your facilitation is mind blowing. And I am immensely grateful.



Happily receiving love and support and admiration from all quarters. Feels so much more empowering.

Also practicing being vulnerable and sharing deeper feelings and being heard/accepted. It’s beautiful.

Thank you so much for all your encouragement.



The flowgame has been a very enlightening experience for me. Game is designed in a way that it makes you reflect and find answers to the questions you were struggling to even frame it. 

I found you very reflective during the process. You bring sense of calmness with your presence



I could verbalize what was going on inside and put it out in the open.

A transformation of energy from thinking in the head to being more accurate and articulate about thoughts. It did help me gain insights.. to value myself.



Some things that I was not able to think through properly or move past my blocks were made possible by the reflections of others. The mind opened up, emotions and feelings cleared and some window of possibilities emerged after the 3 hours process.

Would also like to give a lot of credit to Aakanksha, the way she held the space with so much patience, maturity and wisdom.

There was never a rush and each participant’s unique situation and journey were totally respected. That helped in feeling comfortable and trusting the process so much. Even through a virtual medium, the energy and connection were full-on.



It wasn’t a simple game(flowgame) to pass time, it challenged my views, it gave me other perspectives and it felt like a small journey that made me look at answers but without having to go through the pain of mind numbing, never ending thoughts.