Systemic Constellations – Fostering a New Human Intelligence for Collective Evolution

Systemic Constellations : For Change makers, Organisations & Artivists is designed to foster a new Human Intelligence of Fine Tuned sensing into the I and We Space .

Purpose of Systemic Constellations

  • To create a subtle sensing intelligence in humans
  • Ability to uncover the hidden dynamics at play in the system /organisation
  • Help collectives, organisations, change makers to navigate, transition through complexity. 
  • Allow groups to co-evolve through sensing into the immediate future and manifesting it in present
  • Developing a collective potential for rapid alignment with external changes.
  • Practice shorter, non tiring meetups and discussions and strategy decisions.
  • It is a practice and process that works with sensing and fine tuning with the body of the I, We, and The Morphogenetic Field

Pre-requisite: Ability to somatically connect with self, good level of self awareness, commitment to authenticity and ability to respond to one’s personal and environmental needs. A certain level of emotional maturation in the person.

The program consists of experiential learning, applications & practice and personal session with me for additional support.

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