Questions & Answers – Presencing Program

Who can benefit from the program?

The program supports people who are primarily in three different emotional phases.

Phase I: Connect with my feelings  

You have a desire to have a closer, intimate relationship with your feelings and emotions. You are at the nascent phase of  getting in touch with your body, feelings, and sensations.

For instance: It is common to get overwhelmed in situations and difficulty in gathering thoughts. or It is easier to say whats on your mind but feeling numb or nothing in the body.

Phase II: Allowing feelings to flow

At times we feel stuck in certain feelings and difficulty arises in just experiencing flow with the feelings. This phase is certainly for women to find their own rhythm and flow with their feelings. Developing the capacity to tap into the transient and impermanence quality of feelings

For Instance: Feelings angry, spells of crying that keep repeating over and over again, Stuckness, Bored too often and for longer duration of time.

Phase III: Feelings as doorways of transformation

Deepening  into the feelings opens us up to personal transformation, clarity, clearing, cleansing and being in ease with the ebbs and tides of feelings; emotional maturity begins to reflect in our life.

There is an integration with our feelings when we begin to shed light on the old habitual survival adaptations. We can experience new healthier ways to connect with ourselves and also others.

For instances: Bodily sensations are easy to come by, you can self soothe, regulate your emotions most of the time. You want live from a more attuned space inside and outside.

What are the core foundations of the program?

Corner Editor:

Body Sensitivity & Awareness

  • Body sensitivity & awareness, cultivating skills & practices to feel safe in your own body.  Body is a portal where we engage with the 5 senses. The 5 senses have dual qualities, like the ability to listen to the mundane as well as to listen to one’s soul, eyes for regular vision and for far-seeing, bodily strength of the muscle and the strength of the soul.
  •  Instinctively, the body is also a sensor, having a complex informational and communication network between different systems of our body, including the emotive and intuitive.
    • We will engage with the 5 senses, learning to fine-tune the senses and heightening the awareness.
    • Breath, Inhale-Pause-Exhale
    • Touch, Rediscover and Recover the pleasure and sensitivity of self-touch.
    • You will go through the feelings of Sensory Perceptions of External world, your Internal World and Extra-Sensory perception of the larger world through Body.

Additional Possibilities from these sessions

  • Deeper connection within yourself and awareness of your body and feelings.
  • Learning to resource yourself while going through change or a difficulty.
  • Developing autonomy, self agency to feel safety in your body so you can feel safe in your body, life and the larger world.

Questions & Answers

Whom can these session help irrespective of where they are in their journey?

  • If you face mood swings.
  • If you find it difficult to manage stress, anxiety, and feel low.
  • If you a menstruating woman or girls and relate with the signs and symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome. 
  • If you find it a struggle to go through your days or weeks physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
  • If you feel stuck with certain feelings, thoughts, attitudes, patterns and want ease and flow in life.
  • If you feel called to dive deeper into any aspect of your life.

How can these sessions help me with moon swings, Premenstrual syndrome(PMS), emotional and physical struggle during menstruation?

These sessions are not to get rid off or take care of moods, PMS, or your emotional landscape rather to learn to engage with them, treat them as doorways to consciously bring to awareness that which the body is telling us through these signs and symptoms. Eventually your relationship with your blood, feelings and emotions will change, but the intention is not to provide relief to the symptoms, though we will be doing it as part of the process whenever required.

What is the duration of the program?

3 Months Includes ( 12 Live Group Sessions  + weekly guided exercises & Education Material + weekly 1 hour personal session with Me for additional support)

Frequency Weekly 1 Live Session for 12 weeks. Weekly self-paced exercises for approx 2 hours + Audio/Video Educational Material. On demand 1 hour personal session with Me for support.

Duration3 Months

All the sessions are planned as per the needs of the group to support and deepen their inner work.

What can you expect in a session?

  • Warm up conversation – Usually on what has been going on during the past week, what is standing out.
  • What has shown up from the exercises/homework during the week.
  • Mutually deciding the area of focus for the session
  • Slowly finding a way into the body through the story
  • Work with what surfaces in the body
  • Slow-down to come back to the moment gradually
  • The session can consist of Breath-Work, Creative Visualizations, Journalling, Image making, Oracle Cards, Tapping and other similar tools.
  • Recommendations/ Exercises for the week.
  • Closing the session

What do you have to do?

  • Engage with the simple exercises that are provided each week.
  • Self commitment to show up for the online sessions without skipping as it helps to deepen into the work.
  • Voice your concerns if you have any about me, the work, and process.
  • Engage wholeheartedly in the exercises and the process of staying in the present.

How do you enroll for the sessions?

If you find yourself called or you hear a sense of YES – I want to do it. You can directly register

If you would like to have a conversation before hand, write to me at or call me on +91-99000-93692

What is the cost of the program?

The Total Cost of the program is offered on a sliding scale of 12000/- INR/(165 USD) to 25000 INR/(340 USD).

NOTE: If you strongly feel called to take these sessions and find yourself financially stressed, please contact, nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds. The intention of the pricing is to be inclusive to people across geographies, culture, gender, and economic spectrum.

If you feel that you receive something of deep value, and you can make a larger financial contribution to support the facilitator, please do so. The facilitator is a freelancer and relies upon the generosity of the larger community for supporting the work and making it financially sustainable. I invite you to be creative and think about how to rebuild the trust and a mutual care economy.

Payment Guidelines & Acknowledgement & Flow

  • Payments are payable in advance before beginning the program.
  • Upon payment, I will send you email acknowledgement and provide access to the program material.
  • You will have to schedule weekly sessions with me.
  • You can also pay by monthly installments.
  • Link to Payment.

Who am I?

Aakanksha loves life and is learning to love death and all things that end. I am interested in the interior chambers of the heart and life. I am learning to live at my own pace and rhythm and fall in love with the ordinariness of life. I continue to shed the baggage and move lightly in life by living together in harmony, love and peace.

In the midst of living, I am also a Host, Facilitator in Systemic/Family Constellations and much more.

Know More:

Why I designed this program?

I feel I am closer to being human as I live from my instinctual self. As a sensitive person, over my life journey I learned to lean on my body’s ancient wisdom. My feelings are a potent and life-sourcing elixir for living. My sensitivities mutuate to sensibilities offering me a wide and transient range of feelings experienced through my body.

This quality of feelings tremendously increases my ability to stay in touch with realities of the present, giving me peace and a deep felt sense of joy, love & reverence and grief to living through the cycles of Life-Death-Life …

The culmination of my personal challenges, learnings, explorations nudged me to create these sessions to support individuals on coming home to safety within their bodies and feelings finding intimacy aliveness in themselves and their relationships with self, others, and their work.

I feel the maturation of feelings enables us to live by sourcing oneself from within, creating living environments that are nourishing, ability to navigate conflicts by maintaining connection and mutual respect. It allows and brings ease and flow into life, builds resilience and fosters trust within us. As safety and trust begin to build and fill us inside, it translates into our immediate life too.

This journey brought me to my knees and I learned to Bow! 

I felt called to invite, share and support souls who are traveling on similar paths.

What logistics do you need for the program?

  1. A laptop with a camera, mic and internet connection that supports video calling.
  2. A closed room, space where you feel safe, comfortable and undisturbed.
  3. A source of light, a candle or lamp.
  4. A bowl of water.
  5. A diary with plain pages or colour codes that stays with you for 3 months.
  6. Pens, Water Colours, pencils, Crayons, Chalk Pastels – frequently.
  7. Soft cloth, Cushion, pillows, chairs – occasionally

Do you want to ask me something?

Write to me on / +91-9900093692

Talk to me:  +91-9900093692