Gestalt Relational Therapy


Gestalt Relational Therapy is a holistic philosophical and existential relating with the human nature. It emphasis experience, authentic living and relationships. It’s purpose is towards restoring wholeness in a person.

Gestalt therapy was originally developed in the early 1950s by a group of psychologists, psychiatrists, philosophers and educators as a reaction to the orthodoxy of the psychoanalysis of the time. It gives a holistic philosophical engagement with the nature of the human condition.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Difficult Life Scenarios
    • Successive or Event based Anxiety & Depression
    • Couple Relationship Conflicts
    • Lack of Intimacy & Connection
    • Emotional Instability
    • Directionless in Work & Relationship
    • Work/Family/Financial Stress
    • Struggling with Success & Loss
    • Sexual Problems
  • Existential – Grief Work, Freedom, Loneliness
      • Loss/Death of a Near or Dear One including Pets
      • Loss of a Relationship
      • Coping with a Life Threatening Illness of Self or Another Family Member
      • A sense of Meaninglessness in Life
      • A Drive to Find Freedom
  • Making Life Transitions
    • Committed Relationship
    • Parenthood
    • Old Age
    • Health Issues
    • Menopausal Challenges
    • Switching Careers
  • Spiritual Crisis
  • Mental Illness
    •  Clinical Depression
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Trauma
    • Recovering from Accidental Trauma
    • Developmental & Gender Based Trauma
    • Loneliness, Sleeping & Eating Disorders

Enrollment & Booking

  • Write to me at msaakankshas at gmail dot com

Core Concepts of

Gestalt Relational Therapy

SAcred Bodies


As a Gestalt relational therapist-in training and as a person my view is that we are always in relationship, we are radically connected and fully embedded in a relational world.  So, I work with you in a genuine curious way in the complete context of your life. My focus is to work on your present, your subjective reality (current awareness of your world), and your relationships with others. I work sensitively with your past experiences and future anxieties and hopes within your present experience & context.

This relational worldview is informed by the foundational gestalt philosophical principles of:

  • Field theory
  • Existential phenomenology
    • Freedom and associated responsibility
    • Death
    • Isolation
    • Meaninglessness
  • Existential dialogic relating (Presence, Inclusion and Commitment to Dialogue)

These philosophies provide nuanced and complex ways of staying with experience.  Through inclusion of your(client’s) world, as much as possible we arrive at a understanding together.

Presence-oriented & AWARENESS FOCUSED

Relational gestalt therapy focuses on increasing self-awareness and views therapeutic change through an authentic relating with another.So, the primary focus is on supporting the client to relate, embody and live in the (present)here-and-now.


The client /therapist dialogue process gives the opportunity for a healing experience. The focus of therapy involves not just talking about the happenings but on fully experiencing & embodying what is. This relating allows change to happen.

Through a genuine sense of wonder and not knowing what lies ahead,  I, the therapist assists You,the client to deepen your living experience. Here we enter the emergent field of newer possibilities of relating.  Here, You, the client realize how you made adjustments in the past, using your creativity. This awareness, begins to develop a larger capacity to be more fully who You are in the world.

The Client-Therapist relationship provides an opportunity for an authentic and meaningful relating where the focus is on the relationship with an acknowledgement of mutual influence and co-creation of the therapeutic process.

Gary Yontef, said: “In dialogic therapy, the therapist shows his caring more through his honesty,rather than through continual softness.”


Our ability to respond spontaneously & appropriately to our inner and outer environment

The goal of relational gestalt therapy is for clients to become more aware of how they organise themselves in the world. By learning to engage with their internal process, and to fully experience, acknowledge, accept, and appreciate your full selves, there is a sense of freedom to be in an preseceful, spontaneous and creative participation with the environment.

The Way I Work

I work with what emerges when we are fully present and met each other in absence of an intention, is the most important element of my work. That is the moment where my maps drop, and I am just guided by the field between the client and myself. It takes energy, showing up authentically and trusting the unfolding that happens.

I work with observing the bodily movements, expressions, & tuning in with your inner sensations. The idea is to touch and not revisit/recreate the old wounds. Work through core-sourcing, re-orienting, using simple slow movement.

When I work with the energy field, I go by what emerges; trusting myself and you through consent, the energy and being guided into what appears unknown. I am informed by my learning, keeping them behind me, we (You and I) enter into a space of surrender, mystery of who you are, what it takes to see and be seen Exactly as you are at the moment and time.

I offer these sessions in the capacity of a Relational Psychotherapist-In Training and they come from my ongoing learning, in Relational Gestalt Therapy, Life Script & Relational Transactional Analysis. I am also informed by Systemic & Family Constellations, Trauma Informed Body work, Personal experiences, Learnings of Embodying the Feminine, my upbringing as a child who lived symbiotically in nature and human communities .

I draw my experience majorly from my own life and its existential experiences and a good understanding of myself. I do work with a combination of theory, body based practices, reflective tools that allow embodiment to foster awareness, responsibility for self and one’s environment, learning to relate authentically and leading to maturation.

More about Me:

I suggest you work with me for at least 3 months(15-18 sessions) to experience some change. The time of therapy can be from 1 to 3 years and upto 10 years as well. I work towards creating a healthy self with depth, expansion, understanding, rediscovering your relationship with self (I), relationaly with Others and your environment. This takes time, patience, investment, and commitment.

What Can You Expect In A Session

  • My style is like having a conversation with another human being. You can expect to meet me as a person who is interested in you, your life.
  • When emotions are running high, I work somatically to bring the body to an equilibrium and integrate the feelings.These sessions are slow paced with enough silences and more listening and presence (focused attention and stillness). The sessions are not strictly designed as such; rather the container is prepared with the capacity to hold and let things emerge beyond the knowing. In this way we primarily work with the emotional body; so feelings, sensations, breath, hands, and overall body are the focus of these sessions.
  • In a dialogue with emerging themes and underlying situations or past internal decisions that created these themes. Working relationally to bring awareness, allowing you to lean into your resources and create conditions in thoughts and feelings level to create a newer healthier, life affirming awareness. This is also a slow process with many pitfalls. So take it easy on yourself.
  • You will experience a sense of holding and increased inner capacity for yourself through the sessions; to live life with awareness and healthy relationships with self (I and Myself), others (I and You), your sphere of living & working groups (I, You and Us) and with Life itself.

NOTE: This is a long drawn process requiring an intentional engagement balanced with action on the part of the client, i.e You; and a commitment to self and the process. It is possible that you feel more vulnerable than before, soft, exposed and know that it is part of the process.

You are Welcome “to BeING You”

  • As the client, you can ask me about my experience, background, and the concepts or theories that I work with. I will be more than glad to answer.
  • This process involves a substantial commitment of time, money, and energy, it is important that you feel comfortable with me. If at some point you feel uncomfortable working with me, please share it immediately, so we can discuss and decide what we can do to serve you in the best possible way.
  • You are free to use any practice, tools that you have, or learn and benefit from; for yourself.
  • You are encouraged to create your own ways to reflect internally, create awareness of your body, feelings, and thoughts through different practices that foster presence. It can be anything – mediation, yoga, artistic pursuits, physical activity of any kind, reflective journaling, tapping, EFT etc. These are some examples and not necessarily the ones that may apply to you. Do consider integrating certain practices that allow embodiment in your day to day life.

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