Presencing Program – Fostering Aliveness & Intimacy

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Presencing Program: Breathe Feel Flow is designed to foster Aliveness & Intimacy with yourself and the Other. The purpose of the program is to deepen your relationship with you through the gateways of body and feelings and improve your mental & emotional wellbeing. The whole being comes alive into a new awareness when we are aligned inside from our Gut, Heart, Hands, Head. The experience of living begins to coexist in various realities begins to deepen and expand when our actions, thoughts, feelings have a resonance internally with our intuitiveness.


  • Bringing awareness of the body and foster alignment with the feelings, thoughts, actions, gut feelings.
  • Being able to center, ground and access inner stillness and wisdom of your emotions.
  • Embody all that arises in you (feelings, sensations, thoughts, actions, in-action).
  • Increased capacity to be present and being able to stay in discomfort with connection.
  • Develop the capacity to evoke one’s own innate wisdom and knowing.
  • Trusting the rhythms of the body, your strengths and allowing self-healing.

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Program Features

  • Uniqueness of Weekly Live Personal Session + Exercises to practice during the week.
  • Integrates Weekly Body based practices(developed through my practice of Iyengar Yoga + Feldenkrais Method)
  • Learning to Core-Source – Accessing strengths that enable to stay in the vulnerability.
  • Developing emotional autonomy through educational material and simple exercises.

The 3 Layers of the Program

personal coaching sessions(1)Breathe Layer

  • Connect with the body, develop practices for holistic self-reflection, activate and engage the senses.
  • Build strength through core-sourcing and orienting back to the present.
  • Identify personal emotional states & connect them with bodily awareness through sensations.
  • Learn to differentiate Subtle and Gross Sensations.

Feel Layer

  • Engage with feelings of Shame, Guilt, Anger, Sadness, Grief, Joy & Love
  • Access limiting internal stories and apply the practices in Breathe Layer to stay in the discomfort of the feelings.
  • Begin to get in touch with the fluidity of the emotions by staying deeply present.

Flow Layer

  • Feel emotions as waves, able to be in touch with the dual feelings at the same time.
  • Able to articulate the felt sense and access the inner wisdom by being present to all that is happening within.
  • Relational Impact of your presence and connection with others.
  • Practice to access Love and Joy in the discomfort with self & others.

Program Structure

  • A total of 12 Weeks Live Group Sessions including Self-paced weekly practices & exercises + 1 Hour weekly Live Personal session with Me for additional support.
  • Self paced practices include weekly Video on different body movements, embodiment exercises, educational and reflective material and exercises of the topic of the week
  • Live Session is to combine the learning of the week, gain perspective or engage in a deeply presenceful way to practice presensing relationaly.

Program Eligibility

IMPORTANT: This program requires a certain ability to emotionally regulate oneself, have a reasonable amount of emotional awareness, autonomy, a relatively developed inner nurturing voice and basic support structures inside.

If you do experience frequent disregulation, emotional volatility, and deal with internal criticism, you body goes through cycles of traumatic sensations/memories that make it hard for you to take basic care of yourself, I suggest you enroll for Presence Sessions

Program Fees

The Total Cost of the program is offered on a sliding scale of 12000/- INR (165 USD) to 25000 INR/(340 USD).

NOTE: If you strongly feel called to take these sessions and find yourself financially stressed, please contact, nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds. The intention of the pricing is to include people across geographies, culture, gender & economic spectrum.

If you feel that you receive something of deep value, and you can make a larger financial contribution to support the facilitator, please do so. The facilitator is a freelancer and relies upon the generosity of the larger community for supporting the work and making it financially sustainable. I invite you to be creative and think about how to rebuild the trust and a mutual care economy.

Payment Guidelines & Acknowledgement & Flow

  • Payments are payable in advance before beginning the program.
  • Upon payment, I will send you email acknowledgement, an intake form and provide access to the program material by the week.
  • You will have to schedule weekly sessions with me.
  • You can also pay by monthly installments.

We all begin the process before we are ready, before we are strong enough, before we know enough; we begin a dialogue with thoughts and feelings that both tickle and thunder within us. We respond before we know how to speak the language, before we know all the answers, and before we know exactly to whom we are speaking.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estés


This program is developed, created by Me(Aakanksha). It has come through my life experiences, learning different modalities and practicing them, applying them on myself and staying with the process. Right now, I share the content under the following license.

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