Living the Power of Rhythm


As sun, moon, seasons move in cyclic rhythm so does our body. Tune-in to your rhythm and develop a more intimate, secure, relationship with your body.

Our bodies are like Earth – vast, diverse, deep, powerful, self- healing.

Join me in a 3 hour session to understand these rhythms, and unlock the power of self-healing, self-awareness, and knowing yourself in a new way.

What if you knew that your mood swings are not something to be corrected, pushed aside, or hidden under excuses, rather they are telling you what is missing right now, where you need to look inside you?

How many ways the body calls your attention to show you the places in your psyche and emotional body that are waiting for too long to be seen, heard, spoken to, during pre-menstural phase, pre-menopause, pregnancy, child-birth, and so on?

Step out and embrace yourself in knowing that your body is a portal for healing and growth.

Engage in this 3 hour workshop through exercises and walk with a sense of possibility of what your body can possibly be, if it led you.

Drop your external maps, close your outer ears, pull your eyes to look within, listen with attention to your body and create a new relationship of love, care, nurture, maturity, by living in the power of rhythm.

Details of the session:

A group session structured in a circle of women, getting in touch with our cyclic natures, our body’s rhythm, understanding the connections between moon, menstruation, sun, and women’s lifecycle.

Come with your daughters, sons, spouses, friends, family, and learn what is natural to being a women and a human.

For details/inquiries/questions reach me: or 91-9900093692.

Contact me to know when the next Session is happening or invite me to conduct one.

Age group 15 and above.