Women’s Circle


A monthly gathering around the new moon for all young girls, women, mothers, grandmothers to come together to share, connect, and bring alive the wisdom that resides within us.

I host the circles based on a theme. To create a theme, the following cycles are considered.

  • Season – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
  • Phases of the Moon – New Moon & Full Moon
  • Life Cycle of Women – Maiden, Mother, Queen, Crone

Contact me to know when the next Circle is happening or invite one of your own

A women’s circle is a safe, sacred space to invite reflection, be vulnerable, and authentic in your expression. The circle invites you to share your stories, life experiences, and feel the support of sisterhood. Lean into the power of your being and feel the presence of other women. Women can brew magic together and weave stories from our hearts and bellies. Bring your magic alive. Join the circle of women.

Age group 15 and above.