Systemic Constellations

Fostering a New Human Intelligence for Collective Evolution


Systemic constellations is an approach founded by Bert Hellinger, from Germany. It is widely practiced as a intergenerational healing practice. It is integrative and regenerative in nature and is applied in the field of education and organizations.

I have integrated this approach to use it for developing an experiential based human intelligence of subtle sensing into the body thereby using it to tune in with the morphogenetic field of the group and uncovering what is unseen to bring it into the awareness of the group.

It is deceptively simple and works on 4 basic elements Embodied Intention, Presencing, Subtle Sensing in the Body, Morphogenetic Field.

Systemic Constellations are group sessions designed for change makers, people working in inter and trans disciplinary areas, artivists, organisations working with Youth collectives towards social, environmental and holistic systemic change.

 Word ArtPurpose of Systemic Constellations

  • To create a subtle sensing intelligence in humans
  • Ability to uncover the hidden dynamics at play in the system /organisation
  • Help collectives, organisations, change makers to navigate, transition through complexity. 
  • Allow groups to co-evolve through sensing into the immediate future and manifesting it in present
  • Developing a collective potential for rapid alignment with external changes.
  • Practice shorter, non tiring meetups and discussions and strategy decisions.
  • It is a practice and process that works with sensing and fine tuning with the body of the I, We, and The Morphogenetic Field


Ability to somatically connect with self, good level of self awareness, commitment to authenticity and ability to respond to one’s personal and environmental needs. A certain level of emotional maturation in the person.

The program consists of experiential learning, applications & practice and personal session with me for additional support.

Possibilities of Change

At times the changes is experienced and felt in a short duration, maybe few days, weeks. Sometimes the change may not be so apparent and not in your awareness and you might notice it maybe years later. So there is no fixed formula. What you experience might be very different from your own expectations.

So the key here is to trust the process and let it unfold. Do not try to make meaning, understand or box it into your thinking. Just let it go and do its work on you. Stay open and allow it to unfold and keep growing in your awareness. The more you allow yourself to stay present and open the richer is the experience of this work .

the Program (Trial Phase ON)

  • A total of 5 Group Sessions of 1.5 hour each.
  • The 5 sessions are spread across 2 Months (3 sessions in First Month + 2 sessions in Second Month)
  • Each session is 2 hours

Preparation for the Session

The session is held in-person/online, and last for about 2 hours

  • You need to come 10 mins early, to relax and settle down.
  • Ensure that you do not have any urgent matters to attend to.
  • Choose a relaxed space for the sessions

Post Session Care

  • You are more vulnerable than you usually are, even though you may not realize.
  • Keep yourself hydrated well
  • Have a relaxed day, rest, and take sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol or any kind of major activity.
  • If you feel unsettled, I recommend you eat well and take a salt water bath

The elements of the Systemic Constellation

  • You. You need to have a longing, a deep wish, a heartfelt intention for something that you really want in your life right now. We work with that underlying wish,longing, intention.
  • The representatives, which is either people when it is workshop, or figures, props, and felts in an individual 1:1 session.
  • The circle, holding circle.
  • The energetic field, or the knowing, or informing field, circle of creation.
  • The facilitator who guides and is guided by all the elements of the work.

Fundamentals of Systemic Constellations

  • Epigenetics – The imprints on our DNA that are part of our hidden inheritance.
  • Morphogenetic field – Rupert Sheldrake : The field that connects us all through all time and space.
  • Phenomenology – The skill of staying in the body and just feeling through our bodies, experiencing the feelings, and sensations.
  • Laws of Love – Belonging, Balance, and Order.
  • Three levels of Conscience – Personal, Group, and Spiritual

If you would like to have a conversation before hand, write to me at msaakankshas at gmail dot com