Inter-generational Trauma – Effects & Resolutions

Collective Trauma & It's Manifestations Events that cause prolonged harm to the vulnerable groups, such as what we see as the atrocities,discrimination, violence against people of color, certain ethnic groups, gender, race, caste, region, and more. Events of natural calamities such as famines, droughts. Man-made disasters such as wars, mass migrations, partitions of nations, and … Continue reading Inter-generational Trauma – Effects & Resolutions

Grief Calls

Support for people going through Loss, Death, & Grieving Saturdays & Sundays I am offering Online and Telephonic Support for people who are experiencing loss, death of near and dear ones, pets, grieving for the old world. Our World is going through massive changes, a change that has brought us to the doorstep of Death. … Continue reading Grief Calls