Gagan, Delhi


I was so amazed that a tool like Flow Game exists that can help you get insights into some pressing issues in such an easy manner. The game encompasses and addresses all the key aspects of one’s being as well as the situation, hence makes for such an impactful experience. Also, the process where you get support from the facilitator and other participants is just marvelous. Some things that I was not able to think through properly or move past my blocks were made possible by the reflections of others. The mind opened up, emotions and feelings cleared and some window of possibilities emerged after the 3 hours process.

Would also like to give a lot of credit to Aakanksha, the way she held the space with so much patience, maturity and wisdom. There was never a rush and each participant’s unique situation and journey were totally respected. That helped in feeling comfortable and trusting the process so much. Even through a virtual medium, the energy and connection were full-on.