THe Oracles Speak

Earth ~ Emergence ~ Embodiment


Reclaiming the ancient practice of seeking guidance from spirit during this unprecedented time.

Tuning into our bodies, the earth’s pulse and the cosmic waves of ascension, we channel, alchemise and intuit oracular messages for our communities to align with the New Earth.

Walking with you as you embody the new positive high frequencies and release the old and outdated systems of thinking, designing, working and living.

A mid-month live podcast featuring a special wisdom council for cosmic forecasts and energy upgrades with practical tips so we can embody it!

Our Lenses

    • Multidimensional
    • Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom
    • Local & South Asian
    • Shared power & Inclusive
    • Emergent & Evolving
    • Conscious & Nature based
    • Decolonial & Liberatory
    • Spirituality & Science
    • Envisioning the new world

Who is it for? – EVERYONE

    • Listen with an open heart and mind
    • Infuse the essence of the forecasts into your mundane everyday life
    • Validate your intuitive knowing as you move through big changes in your life
    • Get new perspectives to take your relationship with yourself and others to the next level
    • Make work decisions in alignment with the new frequencies available to us

We meet mid-month on a Saturday evening, 7 PM IST

Join us live on Zoom and have the chance to ask questions!

Register: Zoom Link

Watch the replay on the: Chandrakala Collective Youtube Channel

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contribution – Gift Culture

The Oracles Speak series is offered in the spirit of Gift Culture to build a community of mutually caring people. We invite you to join us in practicing generosity and contribute from your heart to support us and fuel our work in the world. 

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